Red Wine for My Heart (2015)

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1. White Freightliner

2. Why Can't I Forget About You

3. Blue Ridge Parkway Blues

4. Red Wine for My Heart

5. Paden Road

6. Norwegian Wood

7. Homeward Bound

8. The Regulator

9. Rodeo Song

10. Please Come to Boston

11. Souvenirs

12. C & C (Live)

With the verve of our newest originals and the nerve to re-arrange songs by all time great songwriters including Paul McCartney and Paul Simon, “Red Wine For My Heart” takes Rain Check to a new place with a project we hope will stand the test of time.  Thanks go out to our stellar fiddle playing guest and friend, Glen Alexander, along with Wyatt Rice and Claiborne Woodall who appear on the Bonus Track.


Folly Time (2010)

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1. Cold Night In New Hampshire

2. Lose Yourself

3. Flash's Reel

4. Wild Flowers

5. There You Are

6. Tupelo Honey

7. The Witch

8. Doctor My Eyes

9. Chestnut Ridge

10. The Letter

11. You Are What I Am

12. Little Brick Church

13. A Wendy Day

14. Old Love

Released in 2010, “Folly Time” branches out with 7 original songs written by each of the band’s own members.  Folly Time placed in the top 30 new bluegrass cd’s of 2010 by WERU-FM.  This project also introduces new band member John Boulding, formerly with Shady Grove Band and co-founder of Wyatt Rice and Santa Cruz, on banjo and resonator guitar.


Confluence (2007)

Order directly from Rain Check

1.  Why You Been Gone So Long  

2.  C and C  D.  

3.  Speed of the Sound of Lonliness   

4.  Confluence   

5.  One Way Track   

6.  Big Nanny's Song 

7.  No Sympathy  

8.  Long Train Coming  

9.  Hot Burrito Breakdown  

10.  If You Only Knew 

11.  I Shot the Sheriff 

Rain Check’s maiden release in 2007, Confluence, displays this bluegrass band’s ability to put its own twist on songs by non-bluegrass artists including Eric Clapton, John Prine, Van Morrison and Bob Marley; along with 4 of its own originals.  The response this project got from bluegrass radio stations from Nashville to Canada, and from our live audiences, was a gift unto itself.