After hearing bluegrass music around the house for what seemed like all his life, John finally started playing banjo at the ripe old age of ten, and has blazed an amazing musical journey since then. Early on, that included time with a Piedmont-based bluegrass and gospel group, the Severts, where he and Dennis Severt began a relationship that has converged again with Rain Check.

A full time banjo and dobro player, vocalist, and luthier, John has a wide variety of musical interests, and is equally adept at styles including blues, swing, country, rock and jazz. His creativity is ever present in the unique interpretations of songs you know you've heard before, but never heard them this way.

Between the Severts and Rain Check, John performed nationally and internationally with groups including the Shady Grove Band, Johnny and Jeanette Williams, and was a co-founder of Wyatt Rice and Santa Cruz. His session work on nearly 150 discs for other artists leaves Rain Check listeners today the beneficiary of this truly incredible talent.